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Who we are

erotic club with history

The King George Club is an Institution for erotic in Berlin. Who is looking for wild and hedonistic parties, is guaranteed here at rigt place. On the one hand, we stand for Tradition, because our Club has been in existence for 50 years, on the other hand, we have only recently completely renewed. Behind the new King George is a Team that has made the well-being of the customers a task. Promises are not only given to us, but also redeemed ....

Of course, erotic contacts can be made in King George Club. Und you can make it in a casual atmosphere. In other words, we party time and every Saturday themed parties. Strip Shows and table dancing are also offered and of course there are cozy rooms in which you are not disturbed.

The former Flatrate does not exist with us any more. It was forbidden by a law passed in the Bundestag.

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Press review

oldest brothel in schöneberg / review in the press

Over the decades, King George has been the focus of media attention. Bad or good, but it's all about history. Below you will find only some articles and reports from the last ten years. If you continue to search, you will surely find more on the Internet.


... Oh so: what about Stars? "John Goodman came here a few years ago and occupied the pool room practically throughout for four days. He used to celebrate all the time with Schampus, never had less than five girls in his room."About 100 000 marks the Hollywood actor ("King Ralph") let the fun cost – premier class. But don't worry: you can also have fun in the "King George" for a lot less money. olis/ pde

"NT News"

…WANDERING past the sushi bars, shops and churches that line the well-heeled Schöneberg district of Berlin, it’d be easy to walk straight past the King George Club without giving a thought to what’s happening inside.

"Berliner Kurier"

...Night. Life. Berlin At Night. An old brothel. The perfect Illusion

"Berliner Zeitung"

... Berlin-High Heels must be. At the King George Club, all women wear incredibly high Pfennig heels. How do you do that all night – in a 12-hour shift?


...The "King George" is Germany's first flat-rate brothel. It is the response of the sex industry to the global recession. There are almost a dozen such establishments in Berlin.

As part of the history of human fate, the Clubs ' interiors are still included in the feature films and television series against which history unfolded. TV shows: „Homeland“, „Im Angesicht des Verbrechens"- 2010, and the last Film with the participation of Hollywood Stars – „Berlin I love you“ – 2017-2019.

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Video reports

history in Videos of the last 10 years

"Sex - Made in Germany - DokuWorld - Your YouTube Doku Channel "

Mit dem Gütesiegel „Made in Germany“ haben es viele deutsche Produkte an die Weltspitze geschafft. Eine Spitzenposition in Europa hat Deutschland aber auch bei einer speziellen Dienstleistung inne: der Prostitution.

"'Europe's biggest brothel' tops up state coffers - Focus "

The French government seems determined to abolish prostitution, but over the border in Germany they’ve done just the opposite. Ten years ago, prostitution was legalised. Since then the country has earned the title as Europe’s biggest brothel – and with good reason.

"ZDF Nachrichten"


ZDF reportage

Bericht über das King George Bordell in Berlin mit seinem Flatrate Modell, dass den Freiern und den Bordelldamen einen fairen Rahmen bietet, Ihren Interessen nachzugehen.

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