King George Club Nightclub Brothel

We are very happy to see you

Advice for men

Admission only for persons from 18 +

We are very happy to see our guests and assume that the rules of etiquette and respectful dealings with each other are known and respected anyway. It goes without saying that people under the age of 18 are not admitted. At this point, however, we have put together a few small tips and rules for better orientation:

The former Flatrate does not exist with us any more. It was forbidden by a law passed in the Bundestag.

The price for fun with our girls is (depending on performance) determined by them themselves.

20 minutes about 50€
30 minutes about 60€
60 minutes about 100€

Admission is free

Drinks (all inclusive)
Sunday - Thursday - 40€
Friday and Saturday - 50€
Or for the small thirst there are single drinks for 10€.

1 | Every meeting in King George is 100 percent voluntary. In concrete terms, this means that none of the ladies is obliged to do anything and not every wish is fulfilled by every lady. It helps to talk to each other beforehand and to be pampered afterwards. This usually works, so that nobody is disappointed and every customer is still satisfied on his way home.

2 | Hygiene and cleanliness are a matter of course for our ladies. We hope that this also applies to the men. For this reason we assume that our customers wash themselves before and after an erotic encounter. The possibilities exist, of course, directly on site.

3 | We see ourselves as a party meeting place and want everyone to have a good time together. This becomes possible if we treat each other respectfully. The ladies are not goods, but independent people just like the gentlemen who are looking for a little well-deserved relaxation in King George. For this reason we ask for friendliness - also towards the bar staff and the service. And something else: a "no" means "no" for us and nothing else, but don't worry: you won't hear this word too often.

4 |  We refer to the ProstSchG 2017 - §32 and §24 and the condom obligation. Sexual acts without a condom are strictly forbidden!
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